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Easter symbols

The symbols we chose to celebrate this festivity are Easter Eggs and Easter Lambs.

Our Easter Eggs, entirely made by hand, are cast with pure chocolate:  dark 60% cocoa mass or milk 37% cocoa mass.

Decorations are made with marzipan or sugar flowers by our skilled craftsmen; all of them hide a little surprise for children. Personalization with surprise is possible on request.

Typical in our range of products are Almonds or Sesame brittle (Croccante) Easter Eggs, also decorated with sugar flowers and hiding a children surprise.

Dark chocolate Easter Eggs, 60% cocoa mass
Dark chocolate and Marzipan
Dark chocolate and Almond brittle

Milk chocolate Easter Eggs, 37% cocoa mass

Almonds brittle Easter Eggs

Sesame brittle Easter Eggs

New from 2010:
Pistachio brittle Easter eggs


A typical sicilian symbol for Easter, is prepared with marzipan paste and shaped in different sizes
that can range from 70 grams to over 3 kilograms
Entirely sculptured and painted by hand, they can be "personalized" with a small present supplied by the customer.

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