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Ice creams

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Ice creams
We started producing tipycal Sicilian ice-creams at the end of the '60s.
Some traditional classical recipies were personalized from us and production was planned to offer "creams" and "fruits". Our basical philosophy is still the same: home made ice-cream is an expression of our learning and confectionery culture developed through the years.
The ice-cream we produce is a real confectionery maker made, so that it can offer a true identity with taste and organoleptic properties.
We produce all of the pastes used for making our ice-creams, mixing and balancing fresh quality ingredients: we roast almonds, hazel-nuts and pistachios.
We also work with fresh fruit and even squeeze by hand lemons and oranges.
Quality is already present in nature, we simply keep it in our products with a true taste and with the highest guarantees in hygiene.

Our customers can choose among a wide variety of different flavours:

vanilla, coffee, chocolate, dark chocolate, milk flower, jasmine, tutti frutti (cassata), almond, hazel-nut, pistachio, ricotta, nougat.

lemon, red orange, strawberry, raspberry, mango, passion fruit, white peach, pink grapefruit.

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