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Use of personal information

We inform you that your Personal Data are protected according to EC Regulation nr.2016/679, denominated GDPR (General Data Protection Rule).
They will be used to receive free of any charge from Pasticceria Freni all the information requested when using the website www.pasticceriafreni.com and/or when purchasing items on Pasticceria Freni Online Shop.

Mr. Freni Carlo, Member in the Board of F.lli Freni srl Pasticceria Siciliana, is responsible for all the Personal Data registered from www.pasticceriafreni.com users or Pasticceria Freni Online Shop buyers and their protection and use.
These Personal Data are used in paper or electronic form and are handled and used in order to facilitate the purchase of goods, make the payments and the sending of ordered goods from the Pasticceria Freni Online Shop. They are stored in restricted-access environments.
Personal Data will be used to advise shippers and forwarders of the delivery address; such data will neither be published nor transferred to third parties.
Personal Data are essential to purchase goods, make payments and forward ordered goods from Pasticceria Freni Online Shop and it is therefore compulsory to supply them.

Otherwise we will be unable to process any order.
You can change, update or ask for the erasing of your Personal Data by simply sending an e-mail to the address: info@pasticceriafreni.com

or writing to F.lli Freni srl Pasticceria Siciliana, Via Chiossetto nr.5, 20122   Milano   Italy

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